Interim Manager Profile
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"IT is the engine of a company, enabling it to achieve peak performance.
I am the strategist and driver who makes this possible."

Kai-Dietrich Scheppe

Interim Manager in IT, with 25 years leadership experience

You need a top level Interim IT-Manager to fill a gap, improve your IT-Organization or solve an urgent problem?
I can help you!

For 25 years I have been responsible for all aspects of IT-organizations

  • Strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Business process development
  • Product and software development
  • DevOps
  • Quality assurance
  • Cloud and data center infrastructure
  • Support
  • Innovation
  • Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence
  • Personnel

Based on your business goals and your requirements, I identify the root causes of current issues and create sustainable solutions, using the appropriate methods or tools.
In order to fully understand your specific situation and your specific requirements, I will first speak with your specialists and stakeholders, enabling me to quickly analyze the situation and make the necessary decisions.
These are presented, aligned with you and implemented.
I am able to quickly familiarize myself even with unknown business domains, due to my broad industry experience, as IT is the engine that drives most industries today.
I am the strategist and driver that makes this possible for you.

I would be happy to meet you in person or online, to discuss how I can be of assistance.

Name: Kai-Dietrich Scheppe
Address: Eltzer Str. 10, 31311 Uetze, Germany
Phone number: +49 151 684 190 11

Competency Profile

Industry Focus

  • Gastronomy
  • Retail
  • Digital Recruiting
  • Telecommunication
  • Web Technologies / Standardization

Technical Focus

  • Setup and reorganization of IT business units
  • IT-strategy development
  • Process optimization and development
  • Software development (SaaS, applications, webapps, mobile)
  • Web technologies / standardization
  • Agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban)
  • DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), Operations, Quality Assurance
  • E-Commerce
  • Infrastructure (cloud, data center, migration)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Change Management
  • ERP, CRM and CMS systems

Management Style / Way of Working

  • Direct and straightforward
  • Creative problem solver
  • Cooperative
  • Ready to take on responsibility
  • Initiating motivator
  • Facts and results oriented
  • Hands-on

Executive Summary

  • 25 years of leadership experience (Director, CTO, Group CIO)
  • Expert in strategic building and optimizing of software development organizations
  • Broad expertise in IT strategy, process management, cloud management, IT security, and e-commerce
  • Proven experience in M&A integrations and change management
  • Extensive international experience with distributed, cross-functional teams
  • Familiar with various industries and company sizes, from startups to international corporations
  • Disciplinary responsibility up to 200 employees and 150 external staff members
  • Project management experience in projects of 4,000 person-days
  • Strong customer focus, results-oriented
  • Creative problem solver
  • English - native speaker level, German - native speaker

Professional Experience

Interim Executive Manager

Current project in the Logistics Industry

December 2023 - presumably May 2024
Director IT | Reporting to CFO

My client is one of five companies in a group providing pallets and other load carriers to the logistics industry.

The company is the European leader in providing open pool services for the management, supply and relocation of standardized exchangeable (Euro) pallets and containers. The client supports transport companies, retailers and manufacturers across Europe with the handling of their specific load carrier needs.

  • Contract | Greater Düsseldorf area
  • Budget responsibility: 10m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 35 (internal & external)
  • Direct reports: 7
  • Context: my client is seeking to permanently fill the position
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, Data Warehouse, Outsourcing, Strategy / Governance
Responsibility & Projects
  • Management of the IT-Organization
  • ERP upgrade from Navision to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Migration of the company services portal to a central services portal of the group
  • Providing a Data Warehouse for the company and integrating this with the group solution
  • Product Development for the digital services around pallet handling
  • IT-Operations for the public cloud, private cloud and on-premises
  • IT-Security
  • will be posted at the conclusion of the project

Metro AG

Hospitality Digital GmbH & Eijsink GmbH

September 2022 - November 2023
Group CIO | Reporting to CEO

Hospitality Digital, 100% subsidiary of Metro AG, is the world's largest provider of digital solutions for the hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) industry

Eijsink GmbH, purchased recently, is the leading provider of a Point-Of-Sales (POS) platform, specialized for gastronomy, in the Benelux countries. The POS platform is currently becoming the basis of the future product portfolio of Hospitality Digital

  • Permanent | Düsseldorf
  • Budget responsibility: 25m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 200 (internal & external)
  • Direct reports: 5
  • Context: Post Merger with Eijsink GmbH
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, Cloud / Virtualization, Strategy / Governance
  • Member of the extended Executive Committee
  • Technical implementation of the merger with Eijsink GmbH, primarily in the backend
  • Integration der Point-Of-Sale (POS) Software in the existing systems
  • Member of the Technical Architecture Board of Metro AG (until March)
  • B2B SaaS product development (customer facing DISH platform for purchase and administration of products (E-commerce), Business Support Systems (CRM, ERP, Finances, Payment and Invoicing, GDPR relevant systems and products), as well as all Metro facing Systems (Data Warehouse, HR, Payroll via SAP, travel cost management)
  • Operational IT-Security
  • Successfully integrated and launched POS software in both France and Germany
  • Effectively defended against two global cyberattacks targeting Metro
  • Developed strategic plans for both companies post-merger, with a strong emphasis on technical integration
  • Initiated a strategic product roadmap to guide investment decisions
  • Created the target architecture for the joined backend systems of both companies
  • Restructured and harmonized the customer life cycle, transitioning from individual, fragmented solutions to a unified and jointly owned process
  • Achieved successful ISO 27001 recertification for the company

Hospitality Digital GmbH

March 2022 - August 2022
CTO | Reporting to CEO
  • Permanent | Düsseldorf
  • Budget responsibility: 20m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 150 (internal & external)
  • Direct reports: 3
  • Context: Operational Management
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, Nearshoring, Process Optimization
  • Assume leadership of the IT organization, taking over from the CEO who had served as interim CTO for 1.5 years
  • Strategically manage the IT platform, aligning it with business objectives and driving innovation
  • Hold a key position as a member of the Technical Architecture Board of Metro, contributing to decision-making processes and shaping the technological landscape
  • Oversee the entire SaaS Product Development, leading roughly 17 teams. Manage Business Support Systems, IT-Security, and cloud infrastructure to ensure efficient operations and high-quality outputs
  • Ensure continuous compliance with ISO27001 standards, maintaining a robust information security management system and uphold best practices
  • Successfully stabilized the DISH platform, achieving a 4x increase in performance
  • Implemented cost-saving measures for the DISH Order product, resulting in a reduction of 66%
  • Introduced load tests and an integration test platform, ensuring robustness and reliability in the system
  • Assumed internal responsibility for software development from external developers, strategically hiring and onboarding internal senior developers to secure critical know-how in-house
  • Recruited an experienced Enterprise Architect to establish the target enterprise architecture, setting the foundation for a scalable and efficient technology framework
  • Implemented targeted measures led by the newly hired senior developers, resulting in improved quality across individual products
  • Optimized the Scrum process, driving efficiency and effectiveness by making necessary personnel changes and streamlining workflows

Independent Consultant

Client: WCG Gmbh

September 2021 - Feb 2022

WCG GmbH is a mid-sized consulting company specializing in business excellence, strategy- and brand development

  • Consulting | Siegen
  • Context: Startup
  • Core Competencies: IT / organizational management, software and app development, risk Management
Responsibility and Results
  • Consulting of WCG for the technical side of creating a startup, intended for WCG customers
  • Development of a roadmap, with a strong focus on product management, based on my experience and some pre-existing ideas
  • Setup of a personnel and growth plan for the startup, all the way to the intended exit
  • Supporting the owner and the team in meetings with potential investors, by presenting the technical implementation of the project

StepStone Group

StepStone GmbH

December 2019 - August 2021
Development Director - Continental Europe & UK | Reporting to Group CTO

The Stepstone Group is one of the world's leading job platforms, specializing in digital recruiting

  • Permanent | Düsseldorf
  • Budget responsibility: 12m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 65
  • Direct reports: 3
  • Context: Post Merger / Carve Out / Joint Venture
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, IT Infrastructure, Software / Hardware Development
  • Formation of a new, internal IT organization, merging StepStone Continental Europe and TotalJobs Group
  • Integration of two technology landscapes into a single IT platform, for IT, Product Management and Marketing
  • Cloud Program Management for StepStone Group
  • Efficient cooperation of over 70 product teams, by providing AWS Cloud infrastructure
  • Planning and execution of the migration from a Belgian data center into the cloud
  • Operations was fully integrated after 3 months
  • Introduced Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Successfully deployed a platform for approximately 1000 IT, product management and marketing employees
  • 70 product development teams were reorganized and able cooperate successfully across both organizations
  • Provided new AWS cloud infrastructure, with cost savings of 50 % over 3 years
  • Standardized processes, such as ticket management, handling about 3000 tickets per month
  • Planning and managing the migration from a Belgian data center to the cloud
  • Stabilizing employee turnover at 3 % (20 % below average)
Experience Abroad
  • Warsaw, Poland, every second week, for one week
  • Brussels, Belgium, occasionally
  • United Kingdom, occasionally

StepStone Continental Europe GmbH

June 2017 - December 2019
Development Director - Continental Europe | Reporting to Group CTO
  • Permanent | Düsseldorf
  • Budget responsibility: 14m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 180
  • Direct reports: 3
  • Context: Operational Management
  • Core Competencies: Software / Hardware Development, ECommerce, Process Optimization
  • Assuming responsibility for the core organization from the Group CTO, who wanted to focus more on the group
  • Product development with 26 teams
  • Operations in hybrid cloud and data center environment
  • Finalizing the migration into the cloud, turning a shift & lift platform into a cloud native platform
  • Creation and implementation of a new, cloud specific security concept
  • Increased the number of releases by 400%, through creation of a One-Click-Deployment process
  • Enabled several thousand service releases per year, through complete transfer of ownership to individual development teams
  • Expanded the E-commerce platform with self-service features, which increased E-commerce revenue from 1 to 10 million Euro
  • Created an automated test framework for CI/CD, with ca. 800 test case, which could be run within 45 minutes
  • Implemented GDPR in the company
  • Successful implementation of a cloud-specific security concept, with partially automated, continuous checks
  • Reduced errors in production by 99,95%, through introduction of error reduction sprints
  • Resolved significant issues between Product Management and IT, through increasing common understanding of requirements
Experience Abroad
  • Warsaw, Poland, every second week, for one week
  • Brussels, Belgium, occasionally
  • United Kingdom, occasionally

StepStone Continental Europe GmbH

August 2015 - May 2017
Development Director - Group Components | Reporting to Group CTO
  • Permanent | Düsseldorf
  • Budget responsibility: 8m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 120
  • Direct reports: 2
  • Context: Operational Management, Reorganization
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, Software / Hardware Development, Process Optimization
Responsibility and Results
  • Successful setup of IT for a newly created business unit, with 17-20 international development teams
  • Implemented a service-oriented architecture to modularize the existing, monolithic, legacy software
  • Provided those services for all companies within StepStone Group
  • Introduced and created a data warehouse for StepStone Group
  • Set up agile software development, based on Scrum and Kanban
  • Developed native iOS and Android apps in 14 variations for different countries and companies
  • Modernized a feed-platform (roughly 1500 feeds for 70% of the content), for automated publishing of ads
Experience Abroad
  • Warsaw, Poland, every second week, for one week
  • Brussels, Belgium, occasionally

Idenpendent Consultant

Client: BKM Stahl und Anlagenbau GmbH

August 2014 - July 2015

BKM is a mid-sized company creating custom-made products and providing services for the oil and gas industry

  • Consulting | Berkhöpen
  • Context: Growth, Networking
  • Core Competencies: Business Development, Online Sales / EBusiness, Indirect Sales
Responsibility and Results
  • Improved the digital representation of the company
  • Optimized the presentation of products
  • Created a service catalog
  • Utilization of my international network to help increase the customer base
  • Internationalization of offered services and products

New Yorker GmbH

November 2012 - July 2014
Head of Software Development | Reporting to CIO

NewYorker is one of the largest, international fashion labels and retailers

  • Permanent | Braunschweig
  • Budget responsibility: 2m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 17
  • Direct reports: 17
  • Context: Operational Management
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, Software / Hardware Development, Project Management
Responsibility and results
  • International software development for 1000 stores in 40 countries
  • Restructured software development via clearly defined processes and requirements
  • Developed a previously non-existent software development strategy for business intelligence, ERP and Point-Of-Sale
  • Established a comprehensive requirements management system for all IT departments
  • Integrated software development into the company's existing processes and structures, for example ITIL, Cobit and Prince2
  • Continued a project to exchange a self-made ERP system against Microsoft Dynamics AX, with ca. 40 external developers
  • Set up quality assurance for software and data warehouse

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom, Products & Innovation (formerly T-Online)

April 2010 - October 2012
Team Lead Software Development Portal Solutions | Reporting to Head of Portal Services

Products & Innovation, formerly known as T-Online, is the ISP of Deutsche Telekom AG, one of the world's largest telecommunication companies

  • Permanent | Darmstadt
  • Budget responsibility: 10m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 50
  • Direct reports: 2
  • Context: Operational Management
  • Core Competencies: Software / Hardware Development, Cloud / Virtualization, Project Management
  • Development and optimization of one of the largest, highly available, general interest portals in Europe, with up to 30 individual sub-portals, 26 million customers and 4.5 billion page views per month
  • Raised availability from 90% to 99.9%
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 48%
  • Reduced required infrastructure by 33% through the utilization of highly-performant delivery servers (Varnish)
  • Developed a configurative method to transfer 80% of software development to non-developers
  • Realized large projects, with initially up to 8000 person days, by introduction of Scrum at T-Online
  • Successfully built an early streaming platform (VideoLoad) and Erotic Lounge, with content that required special protection
  • Created a E-Commerce portal for software products (SoftwareLoad)
  • Created an integrated requirements management system, based on Confluence and Jira

Deutsche Telekom, Products & Innovation (formerly T-Online)

April 2005 - August 2011
Head of W3C Activities (concurrent activity) | Reporting to Head of Portal Services
  • Permanent | Darmstadt
  • Context: Standardization
  • Core Competencies: Prototyping, Research and Development (R&D), QM Strategy / Business Excellence
Responsibility and Results
  • Representing Deutsche Telekom AG in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the standardization of web technologies, mobile and desktop convergence and human-machine interaction
  • Participation in panel discussions on international conferences, as representative of one of Europe's largest ISPs (T-Online)
  • Contribution in working groups for the development of web standards, such as XForms, POWDER, HTML 5 and CSS
  • Introduction of new technologies and methods, at T-Online, for monetization purposes


March 2003 - April 2010
Project Manager Content Management | Reporting to Head of Media Platform Integration
  • Permanent | Darmstadt
  • Budget responsibility: 7m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 6
  • Context: Operational Management
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, Project Management, Software / Hardware Development
Responsibility and Results
  • Successful analysis of the existing CMS-system, as content providing system, which had initially been questioned as basis for all T-Online Portals. It was then used for the next 10 years
  • Setup of quality assurance, with automated error detection
  • Setup of a requirement's management systems and a change request board, for prioritization of requirements of ca. 25 portals
  • Standardization of processes and in development and testing

Mozquito AG

May 2000 - June 2002
Director of Product Integrations | Reporting to CEO

Mozquito AG was a startup, specializing in Web applications, that provided smart online forms in a client/server configuration

  • Permanent | Munich
  • Budget responsibility: 1m €
  • Personnel responsibility: 8
  • Direct reports: 8
  • Context: Off-the-shelf Software Development
  • Core Competencies: Software / Hardware Development, IT / Organizational Management, Project Management
  • Responsibility for the entire product creation process, from ideation, over software development, to the final, off-the-shelf package

PolyPort GmbH

December 1997 - April 2000
Head of Internet Department | Reporting to Owner

PolyPort GmbH was a small company providing network, general IT and Web services

  • Permanent | Munich
  • Personnel responsibility: 1
  • Direct reports: 1
  • Context: Strategic positioning, IT / Organizational Management
  • Core Competencies: IT / Organizational Management, Software / Hardware Development, E-Commerce
  • Creation of the Internet Department, to conceptualize and implement Websites for customers

Highest Education

Master of Science

January 1993 - December 1997

University of Maryland at College Park | United States


Language skills

  • German, native speaker
  • English, native speaker level
  • Italian, basic

Personal development

  • 2022 / 2023 The Human Impact Group - Executive Coaching
  • 2018 / 2019 THM - the business training people: Management Success Training
  • 2016 Successful Interview Techniques and Structure

Technical and related skills

  • Agile Development Methods, Classical Development Methods, OKR, Refactoring, Re-Engineering, Test Automation, Test and Quality Assurance, IT Architectures, Content Management Systems, BI Systems, IT Insourcing, IT Outsourcing, Networks, High Availability Systems, High Performance Systems, Master Data Management, Public Clouds, Windows, Microsoft AX, Salesforce, Odoo, HTML / HTML 5, Java / Java Script, PHP, Confluence, Jira, MS Office

Other interests and activities

  • Member of Technical Architecture Board of Metro AG (until March 2023)
  • Strong network in the US (business, technology, politics)

Volunteer activities and personal interests

  • Active member of the Volunteer Fire Department
  • Equestrian sports
  • Golf
  • BBQ and cooking


Dr. Volker Glaeser, CEO, Hospitality Digital

  • Contact information upon request
  • A letter of recommendation can be provided.
    Further references from my colleagues in the executive committee, Sebastian Keller, CPO, Marc Mangold CSO, Olaf Maecker CDO, Andreas Gilch CLPO can be obtained as well

Stefan Beyler, former CIO, New Yorker

  • Contact information upon request

Gauthier Andries, former Group CTO, StepStone

  • Contact information upon request

Contact Details

Name: Kai-Dietrich Scheppe
Address: Eltzer Str. 10, 31311 Uetze, Germany
Phone number: +49 151 684 190 11